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Inspection / audit services, repair services

As investment objects, the most relevant features of each wind energy plant (WEP) are a high degree of availability of the output, security of income and long service life.

Our extensive portfolio of inspection, review and service performances makes it possible for our customers to have a clear overview of the condition of individual components and also the entire WEP at short notice. The decisive things for this are essentially competent and expert examinations as well as detailed defect and damage analyses, making early exclusion of component breakdowns or loss of income possible. On the basis of years of knowledge of the branch, experience in use and close cooperation with various suppliers, manufacturing companies and insurance companies, we thus make our contribution to stable availability of WEP and security in planning for our customers.

  • rotor blade inspection
  • rotor blade repair
  • gear box test / possibly including endoscopy
  • condition-based and recurring checks / inspections of all plant components
  • complete inspections entire wind energy plants
  • repair planning and execution of all plant components
  • half-year and yearly maintenance / service at wind energy plant
  • comprehensive maintenance solutions